Hotel Modern Puli
  • Puli town full of quiet atmosphere has always been popular tourist attractions in Taiwan. A new hotel (Hotel Modern Puli) that integrates vacation, leisure and business is added.
    The features of Hotel Modern Puli include quiet, European luxurious appearance of the building and coupled with the high texture quality of service. This makes the visitors feel valued and honorable. There are 95 rooms in the hotel and the decoration room is the best in Puli. In addition, the restaurant also offers the specialties cooked with the local ingredients in Puli. Therefore, the visitors can enjoy all the beauty of Puli.
  • European Style Lobby

    The aristocratic lobby of Hotel Modern Puli is Bearing extraordinary. The tourists can rest in the warm and elegant rooms or go to the music lounge bar on the top floor to enjoy a relaxing scene. Moreover, you can also enjoy the spa and sauna to remove the fatigue in trip.
  • Chinese Banquet Hall

    The Chinese restaurant in Hotel Modern Puli hires the experienced chefs. They cook fresh, delicious Chinese and Western-style meals with the origin ingredients for the tourists. The tourists can through the culinary experience to find the Puli charm and features.
  • Business Double Room

    The business double room in Hotel Modern Puli is bright, comfortable, and full of the sense of Oriental design. Unlike some other hotels only offer single bed, the Hotel Modern Puli offers two medium-sized beds to make customers sleep more at ease and comfortable. This is the best choice for business trip.
  • Warm Quad Room

    To make the tourists a comfortable stay, the room of Hotel Modern Puli considerately offers the superior mattress.
    The mattress is combined with high-tech materials and is helpful for pressure releasing. This helps the tourists sleep well. The simple design style of the room creates the most comfortable sleeping environment for the tourists.
  • Standard Double Room

    The standard double room is comfortable, bright and elegant. The floor is covered with the superior imitation wood. The room Is furnished with a king size bed, as well as the new facilities and services. Make the tourists enjoy the most relaxing vacation time.
  • Deluxe Double Room

    The top deluxe double room adapts the design of the European Palace Style. The excellence and stylish romantic atmosphere of the decoration create a sense of privacy. The sunshine through the large windows makes the whole space exude a comfortable sense and European Style extravagance.
  • Hotel Modern Puli

    ※Hotel Modern Puli will be the grand opening in October 2012. Please stay tuned.

    【Room Rates Table】
    .Standard Double Room Price 5500
    .Business Double Room Price 5500
    .Fashion Triple Room  Price 7000
    .Warm Quad Room   Price 8000
    .Deluxe Double Room   Price 8000

    ※Room Facilities:
     hair dryer, dresser, mute refrigerator, personal safe, Superior spare high temperature sterilization bedding, 42-inch TV,
     free high-speed Internet access, import thermos

    【Travel Information】
     There are many well-known attractions surrounding the Hotel Modern Puli. Such as Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing farm, Auwanta,
     Lushan Hot Springs, the Chungtai Temple, Puli Paper churches, and etc., the distance is not more than one hour away from
      the hotel by car. Addition to the accommodation options in the the attractions area high priced, Hotel Modern Puli is another
     smart and economical choice.

    .Business center, leisure and recreation room, conference hall, sauna Hall, vitality gym, broadwood acupressure hall, and
     dynamic joy of singing room

    【Traffic Information】
    .Highway No. 6→Ailan Interchange→Zhongshan Rd 3rd section→turn right onto Nanan Road→turn left onto Longsheng Rd→
     turn left onto Nam-Hsing Street
    .High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railway and get off at the Taichung Station. Take Nantou Bus to Puli bus station and walk to the hotel
     about 5 minutes.
    .Kuo-Kuang Bus:Take bus from Taipei West Station to Puli directly and walk to the hotel about 5 minutes.

    【GPS Information】E120.96739、N23.96080
  • 營業電話:049-2422088